A journal serves as a source of inspiration for a student, information for a Physician and is a fountain of knowledge that would remain long after the author has made the initial impact. No wonder the best of books of the founder of Homoeopathy and many stalwarts along the way have left behind their works for the benefit of the future of Homoeopathy.

The date on the publications may remind us of the past but no way are they outdated as they stand good stead in the world of today even as the Science of Medicine has made various forays. But the timelessness of these articles only shows the intrinsic strengths of Homeopathy and the reason why it will sustain all viscitudes only to remain in the service of the ailing sick. With the same goal in mind the then President Dr. Laxminarayan of The Andhra Pradesh Homoeopathic Association had launched this magazine, “Medicina Futura – Homoeopathica”.

The President, Dr. K. Gopala Krishna, General Secretary, Dr. G. Durga Prasad Rao and Dr. K. Siva Shankar, the Honorary Advisor are launching the magazine all over again for the benefit of homoeopathic fraternity which is to be available in online version too!


The views and opinions expressed by the authors of articles published in this journal are not necessarily those of the editors and publishers.

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