About Us

About Us

Homoeopathic Medical Association of Telangana the erstwhile Hyderabad Homoeopathic Association founded in 1942, later rechristened as Andhra Pradesh Homoeopathic Association by Dr. N.M. Jaisoorya and others in 1959 represents qualified Homoeopathic Professionals and promotes Homoeopathy.

  • The initial name of the Association was renamed as ‘Homoeopathic Medical Association of Telangana [HMAT]’ from 07-12-2015.
  • The founder members of the association were – Dr. T. Seshachary, Dr. N. M. Jaisoorya and Dr. Lakshminarayan.
  • Dr. T. Seshachary along with Dr. N. M. Jaisoorya and Dr. Brahmanandam decided to open a charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary to cater the needs of citizens of Twin cities which was named as Dr. C.L. Modi’s Charitable Homoeopathic Dispensary in the year 1971. Although a charitable Homoeopathic clinic was earlier running at Liberty building since 15 years till then.
  • The multispecialty clinic and dispensary which has been running successfully since 50 years, being conducted presently in Hariram B. Dayal Memorial Hall.
  • Homoeopathic Medical Association of Telangana serves human society by awarding the benefits of homoeopathic system of treatment to public, especially the low socio-economic groups by running their Out Patient and Specialty Clinic services, conducting regular medical camps.
  • The Association also conducts regular monthly orations – both online and offline, conferences & magazines along with integrated medical research.
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