The members of the association shall be classified as follows –

  • i.   Patrons
  • ii.   Honorary Members
  • iii.   Life Members

Patrons –

On the proposal of the president of the Association or of any member of the Governing Council, the Governing Council may by majority of vote of members present at the meeting in the agenda of which the proposal has been clearly stated elect any person as patron who

  • a.   Is eminent for his/her literary or scientific attainments or whose election as such may be considered beneficial to the cause of the Association.
  • b.   Has paid to the funds of the Association in cash or kind a minimum amount is Rs. 50,000/- for the furtherance of one or more of its objects and holds a respectable position in society or profession.

Honorary Members –

The council may elect persons of high scientific or literary attainments and eminence who have rendered conspicuous service to or are in fully sympathy with the aims and objects of the Association as Honorary members.

Life Members –

Members who pay a amount is Rs. 2,500/- to the Association shall be life members.


  • Any person qualified from any recognised Medical College or Institution, Indian or Foreign and to which recognition has not been refused by the Association.
  • Persons, whose qualifications are registerable as Medical Practitioners in India or their country of domicile.
  • Homoeopathic Medical Practitioners who have been practising continuously for three years before the date of application for membership with good reputation [which is proved to the satisfaction of the Association] and proposed by a member of the Association, who is acquainted with the work of the applicant.
  • Persons, who have already been registered as practicing Homoeopathy by other Associations or bodies which have subsequently formed part of this Association or affiliated to this Association.
  • Persons who are genuinely interested in the science of Homoeopathy and are sincere supporters of the cause and the aims and Objectives of the Association.